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Wall hanging boiler manufacturers: what are the advantages of gas wall hanging boiler

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2022/05/24 09:07

Wall-mounted boiler is the abbreviation of gas wall-mounted boiler, full name is gas wall-mounted boiler, is a kind of safe heating equipment. Today, the wall hanging furnace manufacturer will tell you the benefits of gas wall hanging furnace. Let's have a look together. First of all, the gas wall-hung boiler provided by the manufacturer of winter heating wall-hung boiler has a strong household central heating function. It can heat each room by connecting radiators, floor heating and other heating equipment. You can set the comfortable temperature according to your needs, or you can decide to turn off the heating of the room according to your needs, which is very convenient and fast. In addition to the heating function, the gas wall-hung boiler provided by the manufacturer of domestic hot water wall-hung boiler can also provide a large flow of constant temperature and sanitary hot water for family bathrooms, kitchens and other places. Hot water is often used in daily life, especially in winter. The gas wall-hung boiler of the wall-hung boiler manufacturer provides constant temperature hot water throughout the year for vegetables, washing and bathing. Equipped with thermostat, Wi-Fi control, one-key ECO heating, cloud intelligent management, safe and reliable. The 3. has high thermal efficiency and good comfort. The thermal efficiency of the boiler can reach 85%-95%. The gas wall-mounted boiler of the wall-mounted boiler manufacturer adopts advanced condensation technology, with a thermal efficiency of up to 108 and energy saving of more than 31%. The heating area of the gas wall-mounted boiler is much larger than that of other household heating methods. Using water heating heating, indoor floor heating coil laying uniform, uniform indoor temperature, heating experience comfortable. Four homes have little noise and many beautiful homes are very sensitive to the noise of household appliances. The gas wall-mounted boiler of the wall-mounted boiler manufacturer has very little noise during operation. Small squirrel wall-mounted boiler 36 layers of safety protection, multi-mute noise reduction design, intelligent frequency conversion function, operating noise is less than 40 decibels. The wall-mounted boiler does not occupy the home space, and its compact and fashionable appearance meets the aesthetic needs of modern home furnishing, making the whole environment more beautiful and generous.

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