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Is the full premixed wall-mounted boiler really efficient and energy-saving?

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2022/05/25 10:14

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the comfort of the family environment. The wall-mounted boiler can meet the needs of household heating and domestic hot water, and its dual-use characteristics are deeply loved by people.
When choosing a wall-mounted boiler, "energy saving" is an important consideration. Then, let's understand if the full premixed wall-mounted boiler is really efficient and energy-saving! The full premixed wall hanging furnace mainly includes two technologies. Full mix combustion technology and condensation technology. What is the difference between ordinary combustion and fully premixed wall-mounted boiler combustion? Normal combustion In the usual combustion technology, the gas proportional valve is used to adjust the opening degree to adjust the load. In this case, the amount of gas can be adjusted, but the amount of suction cannot be adjusted. The thermal efficiency of this combustion technology is low because the gas and air do not reach the mixing ratio of complete combustion. Full premixed wall-mounted furnace combustion Full premixed wall-mounted furnace combustion is carried out after fully mixing air and gas. The fully premixed wall-mounted boiler has the characteristics of fast combustion speed, high flame temperature, full combustion, small air excess coefficient and high thermal efficiency. Why is the full premixed wall-mounted boiler energy-saving? Adopt full premixed combustion. The amount of air required for gas combustion is to make the combustion more complete, and too little air will affect the adequacy of combustion. Full mixed combustion is different from the combustion mode of ordinary wall-mounted boiler. Under different load conditions, the air-fuel ratio is always in the best state at the factory, full combustion, to ensure that there is no excess air, more complete combustion, and more energy-saving. Smoke condensation. The fully premixed wall-mounted boiler condenses the water vapor in the exhaust gas by reducing the exhaust gas temperature, and makes full use of almost all the sensible heat and part of the latent heat of water vapor, which has the effect of smoke exhaust. However, the temperature of an ordinary fireplace is very high, so the latent heat in the water vapor cannot be used.
At the same time, the high exhaust gas temperature takes away the sensible heat and reduces the thermal efficiency. The complete mixing furnace is more energy-efficient than the ordinary wall-mounted furnace. The mature wall-mounted technology is the adaptive system of the oxygen sensor. system. However, the oxygen sensor is easy to reduce the detection sensitivity after long-term use caused by poisoning.
Real-time detection and control of the valve opening degree, to achieve closed-loop control. The full operation of the oxygen sensor greatly shortens the service life of the oxygen sensor.
When changing the detection sequence, perform a short-term smoke detection and adjustment for each ignition, then close the smoke channel entering the oxygen sensor, set an appropriate detection value before the smoke exceeds the reference value, close the sensor smoke channel, protect the oxygen sensor, and avoid poisoning.
In addition, every time the ignition, the system will correct the sensitivity of the oxygen sensor to reduce the sensitivity curve, and adjust the detection accuracy according to the reduced parameters to avoid reduction. This can greatly improve the service life of the oxygen sensor.
However, the intermittently regulated gas valve can only be used for such immediate use. Body type regulation is another adaptive thermal coupling to detect flame temperature.
In the case of the same air volume, change the air volume, each group has three air volume change values, the middle air volume value for the thermocouple to detect the highest flame temperature, the current opening of the electrical control valve is consistent with the current air volume, excess air and air will reduce the flame temperature. The fire introduction is that the full-wall mixing furnace is really energy-efficient, if you need to know more, you can contact us at any time!

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