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What are the advantages of the products of wall-mounted boiler manufacturers

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2022/05/25 14:00

As part of home heating equipment, the products of wall-mounted boiler manufacturers have become the favor and choice of many families. What are the advantages of wall-mounted boilers? 1. The comfort of wall-mounted heating can be started and stopped independently according to the change of ambient temperature. For example, in 2015, the heating season in Shandong officially began. If the temperature suddenly drops at the end of October, the products of the wall-mounted boiler manufacturer can turn on the heating, which is especially suitable for families with the elderly and babies. A comfortable temperature internal environment can effectively relieve the pain of chronic diseases in the elderly, such as the cold legs of the elderly, and the pain will be reduced! For users with babies in the family, self-heating can effectively avoid self-heating in autumn, and babies in winter, especially the wall-mounted stove before temperature adjustment. Some friends are very hot at home, they wear short clothes when it is hot, others can only reach 18 degrees at home, and others can automatically open according to the outside temperature. The temperature adjustment of the wall-mounted boiler within 24 hours can be set as an important indoor temperature adjustment: when the temperature of the wall-mounted boiler is adjusted. Some friends can be very hot at home. When his friends are very hot at home, they wear short clothes at home, others can only reach 18 hours at home, others can only reach 18 degrees according to the temperature outside. 28 hours can be adjusted according to the outside temperature. 24 hours, 2 hours can be automatically adjusted. The wall-mounted boiler can be set for 2 hours, and can be set for 24 hours to automatically adjust the indoor temperature. At present, the retail mode of gas wall-mounted boilers includes heating and domestic hot water, that is, the purchase of gas wall-mounted boilers is equivalent to the purchase of gas water heaters at the same time, which can provide hot water for bathing, living, washing dishes and vegetables. The price of mainstream gas water heaters exceeds 2000 yuan, which means that the purchase of wall-mounted boilers saves money on gas water heaters and even saves the account opening fee for central heating. Generally speaking, the opening fee for urban central heating is about 10000 yuan. In other words, if you buy a wall-mounted boiler, you don't need to turn on the central heating or water heater, which can save about 12000 yuan. The domestic hot water provided by the wall hanging boiler has a great advantage over the electric water heater. The cost of a single bath for a wall-mounted gas boiler is estimated to be about 0.3 yuan, and the cost of a single bath for an electric water heater is 1 yuan. About 5 yuan, the use cost is 1/5 of the electric water heater. 3. The product of wall hanging furnace manufacturer is safe to heat. Wall hanging furnace heating has been used in Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea and other developed countries for decades, the technology is relatively mature, safe and secure.

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